Things to know about your Lipscomb Account:

The my.Lipscomb Portal is the main entry for all Lipscomb University students and employees. In order to access my.Lipscomb, first go to and use your full email address and password to sign-in. With Lipscomb’s SSO (Single Sign-On) procedures, it is best to access the my.Lipscomb Portal first and then get into anything that you need such as Canvas, CNS, or the All Apps page.


Lipscomb utilizes Google Apps for Education for email and cloud-based storage for all students, employees and recent alumni. This means that we use Google for Gmail, and as well have access to Google Drive, Calendar, and other Google Apps. 

WIFI for Students and Employees

Learn the wireless networks on campus and how to connect here.
Register devices such as TV's and Alexa's and connect them to the network here.
Guests can learn how to connect here.

Account Setup Instructions and Help

If you need help setting up your Lipscomb account for the first time, please follow the below links for the appropriate account type.

For Students, follow this link.

For Employees, follow this link.

Download the full Microsoft Office suite

As an active Lipscomb student or employee, you can download the full Microsoft Office suite on your devices. you'll find instructions here.