my.Lipscomb Update

What Is It?

The my.Lipscomb Portal is our internal site (known as an intranet site). It is our single portal to connect to other services or applications like Canvas or Campus Nexus.

The Portal also contains information for those involved with Lipscomb either as a current employee or student. The information contained here is not necessarily for people outside of Lipscomb, but it is information that should not be on the external website as it only pertains to Lipscomb employees and students regarding our own information, policies, and procedures.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Anyone may use the Portal, but only Lipscomb employees may request updates to a page. Students or student organizations should have a sponsoring staff member request an update.

Where Can I Get It?

Please enter the request for an update in the upper right corner, include any necessary details, and attach any documents or files as needed.

Request to Update the my.Lipscomb Portal


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Tue 3/8/22 3:18 PM
Mon 5/30/22 1:46 PM