Email Phishing

What Is It?

Phishing is the fraudulent attempt of someone to send an email purportedly on behalf of a person or company with which they are not actually associated. Phishing attempts can be cleverly disguised, and this is harmful because it may result in individuals sharing personal information, such as passwords or credit card numbers.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Everyone with email is subject to phishing attempts. Any student or employee with Lipscomb may report a phishing attempt.

Where Can I Get It?

Please use the orange Fish Hook icon to report the phishing email (see below for more info). Otherwise, you can forward the suspicious email to

How Do I Use It?

Do NOT click any links in a phishing email. Please use the orange Fish Hook icon in your Gmail to report the phishing email. See this related article about using the Phish Alert button (also linked to the right) or click on the button in upper right to learn about using the Phish Alert button.

For information on how to determine whether or not an email is legitimate, see this knowledge article.

Lipscomb also provides training to all employees on recognizing phishing emails, see this related article on the KnowBe4 application.

Report Phishing Attempt


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