Shared Drives and Access

What Is It?

Shared Drives (formerly known as Team Drives) are shared spaces where departments, offices, and colleges can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere and from any device. Files stored in a Team Drive belong to the team/department instead of an individual, so the file remains even if the file creator leaves.

Storage for a Shared Drive is managed separately than a personal Drive. Personal drives have a storage limit or quota, while storage for a Shared Drive is handled in a separate manner.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

Lipscomb employees, departments, and offices may use a Shared Drive.

Where Can I Get It?

The Shared Drives are accessible in your own Google Drive under 'Shared Drives' at IT can create a drive for your department if one doesn't exist, or may be able to grant you permission to access it if approval from the department is granted. In addition, managers of the Team Drive in the department can also grant permission for you to access it.

How Do I Use It?

For more information on Shared Drives, please see the Related Article linked to this page on the right.

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