Guest & Event Wifi Connection

What Is It?

When Lipscomb hosts an events, guests to our campus may request to access to use Wifi and wired networks.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

All Guests to campus.

Where Can I Get It?

WIFI: Guests should use the open and free 'LipscombGuest' network. It requires registration, but it only takes a few moments to use, and is similar to the process one may use at Starbucks or McDonald's. In the past, special 'Guest' accounts were used, but with the availability of the LipscombGuest network and ease of use, these are no longer offered.

Wired Network: Occasionally, a wired connection may be required in the open venue areas. These network ports are not active, and must be turned on by a Request to our Network Team.

Labs: When guests and events require the use of Lipscomb computers such as in the computer labs, special reserved Guest accounts are activated and given out to the Lipscomb employee event sponsor/contact. These may be requested as well.

How Do I Use It?

For the LipscombGuest network, please see the 'Related Article' linked to this page. For Wired access and computer Lab access, please submit a request.

Request Guest and Event Access to Wifi


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