S-Drive Access

What Is It?

The S- Drive is a shared university network drive divided by folders designated by department. The S-Drive has largely been replaced by the new Google Team Drives, yet limited access remains for the S-Drive on campus for a limited number of users.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

A limited number of Lipscomb employees may be granted access, which is determined by your department chair, manager, or supervisor. 

Where Can I Get It?

The S-Drive is a network shared-drive, meaning it must be mapped to your computer, which IT provides directions as needed. It is primarily accessed on campus, with limited VPN availability off-campus. 

If you would like access, please refer to your department head first to determine if you need access. Approval must be granted in writing to verify your need before access is granted. Please complete the Request in the upper right corner if you need access.

Request S-Drive Access


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