Software and Applications

Request a download or troubleshooting with site-licensed or hosted software and applications, such as Adobe CC or student information systems, or get IT help in purchasing and installing non-site-licensed software or applications.

Categories (2)

Administrative Apps

Support for Administrative Systems such as CampusNexus Student (CNS), CampusNexus Finance (CNF), EMS, CBORD, Etrieve, etc. and the integrations that move data between such systems.

my.Lipscomb All Apps

Support for the site licensed software found on the All Apps page in my.Lipscomb. This includes Conclusive, Docusign, MiniTab, and more.

Services (2)

Microsoft Office

How do I install Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office 365 Activation/De-Activation

Trouble with your Microsoft Office License noting is is "deactivated" or "expired" or similar message