my.Lipscomb Portal

What Is It?

The my.Lipscomb Portal is the main Portal for all Lipscomb University students and employees and provides access to most university resources.The my.Lipscomb Portal is our internal site (known as an intranet site). It is our single portal to connect to other services or applications like Canvas or Campus Nexus. The Portal also contains information for those involved with Lipscomb either as a current employee or student. The information contained here is not necessarily for people outside of Lipscomb, but it is information that does not be on the external website as it only pertains to Lipscomb employees and students regarding our own information, policies, and procedures.

The my.Lipscomb Portal is an integral part of your access. We use a procedure known as Single-Sign On (SSO), a process where one account signs you into every available app. To make this possible, you need a single 'entry point' for all the available possibilities. This entry point is the my.Lipscomb Portal.  Every account needs to access the Portal first, and then can login to all of the other apps (without the need to enter your login information multiple times).

Please Note: The my.Lipscomb Portal differs from the 'Bison Portal', which is the Admissions Portal for new students applying to the school. The my.Lipscomb Portal uses a Lipscomb email account for access, while the Bison Portal uses a personal account. This should help keep the two 'portals' separate when attempting to login.

Who Is Eligible to Use It?

All current, active Lipscomb employees and students using their associated Lipscomb email address. Alumni and former employees do not have access.

Where Can I Get It?

The address is

How Do I Use It?

You can access the my.Lipscomb Portal at the above address using your Lipscomb email address and password. For help setting up or accessing these accounts, please see the Related Articles linked on the right of this page.

Link to the my.Lipscomb Portal


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