Physical and Digital Access

Information about access to physical electronic door locks and managed access software applications.

Services (7)

my.Lipscomb Portal

The my.Lipscomb Portal is the main Portal for all Lipscomb University students and employees and provides access to most university resources

Physical Door Electronic Access

Providing electronic door access into buildings and specific rooms/suites.

DocuSign Access

Providing access to use and send documents in the DocuSign application for digital signatures.

Conclusive Access

Gaining access to use Conclusive for degree audits.

S-Drive Access

Requesting access to a Lipscomb department's S-Drive

Shared Drives and Access

Setting up, accessing, and using Google Shared Drives in your department, college, or team.

Delegated Email Access

Employees can request delegated access to Lipscomb departmental emails as well as other email groups.