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A/V Support

Support for A/V equipment in the classroom including projectors, switchers, doc cams, and cabling.

Alumni Email Account Setup

Information on an alumni email account and how to setup and access it.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software setup and deployed on university owned and managed devices.


Calendar Settings and Information

Calendars for faculty and staff at Lipscomb, including shared calendars.

CampusNexus Finance (CNF)

Support for accessing and using CampusNexus Finance (CNF).

CampusNexus Student (CNS)

Support for accessing and using CampusNexus Student (CNS).


Support for Canvas and Canvas related issues.

Chrome Device Lipscomb Managed Service

Support for Chrome OS devices such as Chromebooks and Chromeboxes.

Class Distribution Lists

Information for Lipscomb Faculty and Staff on updating and using the class distribution lists.

Classroom Technology Support

Report Audio/Visual equipment issues.

Conclusive Access

Gaining access to use Conclusive for degree audits.


Delegated Email Access

Employees can request delegated access to Lipscomb departmental emails as well as other email groups.

Device Move

Request assistance in moving your computer, monitors, printer, or other devices to another location.

Digital Signage

Request a new digital signage solution or support for an existing installation.

DocuSign Access

Providing access to use and send documents in the DocuSign application for digital signatures.


Email Phishing

How to report and avoid an email phishing attempt

EMMA Marketing Emails

Emma is an email marketing tool that allows you to reach your target market.

Employee Account and Email Setup

How to setup and access your employee account and email.

Enter a Ticket

Not sure what you're looking for and need direct assistance from IT? We are here to help!


Google Drive

Setting up, accessing, and using Google Drive as your personal cloud storage.

Guest & Event Wifi Connection

How vendors and guests can connect to the Wifi and/or wired network during an event hosted here at Lipscomb.


Lab Computer Support

Service for lab comptuer hardware and software related issues.

Lab Support

Support for lab computer hardware and software related issues.

Lipscomb Managed Mobile Device Support

Support for software and hardware related to Lipscomb managed mobile devices.


Mac Computer Lipscomb Managed Service

Troubleshooting and repair for Mac hardware and software.

Mass Email Distribution Lists

For Lipscomb Employees to understand and use the mass email lists to communicate with All Students, All Employees, etc. Information on how they are set up, how to send to and to report a problem.

MFA Fraud

When you receive a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) code without trying to login.

MFA Setup

How to setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on Lipscomb student and employee accounts

Microsoft Office

How do I install Microsoft Office?


MiniTab is a statistics package and data analytics tool used in some classes.

Move/Remove Telephone Line

my.Lipscomb Portal

The my.Lipscomb Portal is the main Portal for all Lipscomb University students and employees and provides access to most university resources

my.Lipscomb Update

Make changes to the my.Lipscomb Portal.


New Client Portal Overview

The new Help Desk ticketing system, powered by TeamDynamix (TDX), has many more features than our previous system. This guide gives you a quick overview of the Client Portal.

New Device Request

Request a new computer, mobile device, printer, or other IT equipment.

New Lab Request

Begin a project to create a new computer lab on campus.


Personal Mobile Device Support

Get assistance in connecting your personal device to the internet, removing viruses, and adding email.

Phishing Training

KnowBe4 provides Security Awareness Training to help you manage the IT security problems of social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks.

Physical Door Electronic Access

Providing electronic door access into buildings and specific rooms/suites.

Printer Procurement

Service to procure printers for departmental use across campus.

Printing Help

Request printer help, PaperCut support, documents not printing, balance issue, new printer installation or driver update.

Printing Supplies

Service for requesting supplies such as toner and staples for networked printers across campus.


S-Drive Access

Requesting access to a Lipscomb department's S-Drive

Student Account and Email Setup

How to setup and access your student account and email.

Student and Personal Device Support

Support for personal and student owned computing devices including Macs, Windows, and Chrome OS.


Team Drive and Access

Setting up, accessing, and using Google Team Drives in your department, college, or team.



UltiPro is the HR payroll and finance system used at Lipscomb.


Virus Removal (Employee)

Virus removal for Lipscomb employees on Lipscomb-owned and managed devices.

Virus Removal (Student)

Virus removal for Lipscomb students on their personal device.

VPN Connection

How to connect and use the VPN


Website Unblock

A review to unblock a website that is blocked or not connecting on the Lipscomb network.

Website Update

Update the external website.


WIFI connectivity and network options for students and staff.

Windows Computer Lipscomb Managed Service

Troubleshooting and repair for Windows hardware and software.

Wireless Device Registration

A guide to setup wireless devices such as smart TV's, game consoles, streaming devices, and other devices to the WIFI.


Zoom Support

Support for Zoom access and troubleshooting issues in meetings and in the classroom.